European Centre of Education and Upbringing OHP in Roskosz was established in 1999 by Voluntary Labor Corps. The Centre is situated in Eastern Poland, in Lubelskie Province, in Roskosz -5 km from Biała Podlaska. The teaching staff of Voluntary Labor Corps puts into practice complex procedure including general and vocational training of participants, upbringing, resocialization, preventive means, and also cultural, educational, sports and recreational activities.

The syllabus of the Centre is aimed at:

  1. local community
  2. Polish and foreign teenagers
  3. non-state institutions inPolandand abroad dealing with teenager-related issues
  4. youth organizations inPolandand abroad
  5. administrative and local authorities of all levels, in particular the ones situated inLubelskieProvince
  6. organizational units of Voluntary Labor Corps, their staff and participants

The Centre possesses complex educational, sports and recreational facilities which allow the unit to hold multiple trainings, conferences, seminars, practical placements and additionally make it possible to organize the individual leisure. Being situated in one of the most picturesque regions ofSouth Podlasie, the Centre is a perfect place for leisure activities and work in the calm and peaceful atmosphere. The complex of four buildings, vast area and diversity of attractions create a big chance of adjustment to the individual needs of the client. On the grounds of the Centre there is Youth Club. The teenagers have football pitches and other Centre’s facilities at their disposal. Throughout the year a great deal of occasional events with the participation of teenagers are held.